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Free Embellished Cigar Box Lid Project

Free Projectfor making an Embellished Cigar Box

Cigar Box Bead Caddy with Embellished Lid

By Victoria Adams Brown

Copyright 2007 victoriadamsbrown

Supply List

1/8 th yard silk doupioni
1 vintage image Spring Calendar 111VW 307SC
1 yard 1” bias cut ribbon -Green Apple
1 yard Sage Velvet Ric Rac
2 yards 2mm pink silk Ribbon
1 yard light Yellow picot edge ombre Ribbon
1 yard light green picot edge ombre ribbon
1 paddle mauve silk twist
Assorted gold and amethyst seed beads
Ribbon Embroidery Needle Pack
1 piece of Double-sided Steam-A-Seam 1 inch larger than cigar box lid
1 cigar box
1 spool Nymo beading thread
Assorted leaf and flower beads
Water-soluble marker

Supplies are available in the RibbonSmyth Emporium Excluding the fusible, matches and steam iron


Stitches – Feather Stitch, French Knot, Running Stitch, Ruching


1. Cut silk doupioni 1” larger than the lid of the cigar box

2. Place the vintage image in the center of the fabric and using a dry iron, fuse the image to the top of the  silk fabric.

3. Add one-wrap pink silk ribbon French knots and one-wrap mauve silk twist French knots into the trees of the image to create dimension.

3. Ruch the length of the 1” bias-cut silk ribbon until enough yardage has been ruched to go around the outside edge of the vintage image.  Ruch the bias cut ribbon by threading a beading needle with champagne Nymo beading thread with a tied knot in the end of the thread. Begin to take small running stitches in a  diagonal to one side of the ribbon.  Continue stitching in a diagonal to the other side of the ribbon. There should be approximately 1” width between the diagonal stitches. When the running stitches are gathered, the ribbon will “ruch” and create small ruffles. Once the ribbon has been ruched, pull the thread to gather, creating a length of ribbon that will encircle the vintage image. Tie off with a secure knot.

4. Tack the ruched ribbon in place around the vintage image beginning with one end of ribbon in the bottom left corner approximately 1 inch from the left bottom corner of the image.

 5. Beginning in the lower left corner, tack the sage velvet ric rac on top of the  green ruched ribbon.

6.  Add one-wrap French knots in pink 2mm silk ribbon on top of the Sage Velvet ric rac.

7. Add small feather stitch vines near the pink silk French knots.  Add small flower beads and seed beads among the French knots and Feather stitches.

8. Cut the gold ombre ribbon into five 1 ½” lengths. Create as many small rosettes as you desire. We used 5 rosettes for this project. Burn one end of the ribbon to seal the ribbon end.  Using needle and thread, gather along one side of the ribbon. Pull the gathering stitch to make a small rosette. Burn the gathered ribbon end to seal the ribbon end with a match or stitch the end of the ribbon to the other end of ribbon to complete the rosette. Tie off securely with the beading thread.  Stitch the cluster of ombre rosettes to the bottom left corner.

9. Stitch a one-wrap pink silk French knot into the center of the ombre flower.  Stitch two-wrap French knots using mauve silk twist around the pink silk French knot.

10. Using one inch pieces of the green picot ombre ribbon, stitch the two ends together to create small leaves. Place these leaves underneath the gold rosettes and tack into place.


1. Cut a piece of double-sided Steam-a-Seam to match the lid of the cigar box.

2. Cut the silk embellished piece ¼” larger than the Steam-a-Seam piece. Remove one side of the Steam-A-Seam and lay the embellished silk piece on top of the sticky side of the Steam-A-Seam.

3. Remove the other side of the release paper from the Steam-A-Seam and wrap the silk fabric to the back of the fusible.

4. Position the fabric onto the box lid and fuse to the lid.

5. Cut ¼” wide strips of seam a seam. Remove the release paper on both sides and position underneath the edge of the silk. Using an iron placed on the steam setting, fuse the edges of the silk flush to the four sides of the box lid. The fabric at the corners may need to be notched slightly before turning under, in order to avoid fabric bulk.

6. Using the fusible is a simple method for adhering silk to the lid surface without using  glue which would water-mark the fabric.

7. On the inside lid of the box, glue a magnetic strip to the lid to hold needles and scissors, or line the lid with a Vellux blanket piece. This will allow the cigar box to hold tubes of beads and offer a beading station too.


Additional pictures of the cigar box will appear on the site in the next few days.