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Free Sweatshirt Project


FREEProjectfor making a Sweatshirt Decorated with RibbonRuffles


You will need:
(SKU# 10012-pack needles  $1.00)
RibbonSmyth Pigment Dyed Sweatshirt             
  Skeins – see table
Nymo beading thread  (SKU# 116   spool  $1.25)       
One Embroidery Needle       
Straight Pins

1. Trim the ribbed edges off the sweatshirt at the cuffs and the hem if using a RibbonSmyth pigment-dyed sweatshirt. The pigment dyed sweatshirts have been pre-shrunk in the dyeing process. Machine wash before stitching if desired.

2.  Neckband Treatment for other Sweat Shirt Brands  (Do NOT cut off neckband if you purchased a Ribbonsmyth Pigment Dyed Shirt.)  The neckband may need to be trimmed off of shirt if the shirt is not a RibbonSmyth Pigment Dyed Shirt.  If you cut the neckband off the shirt, roll the raw fleece edge over to the front of the fabric. Turn raw edge under ¼” for a clean edge and whip stitch with ribbon.  This will create a large neck opening resulting in a “boat neck” appearance.

3. For a RibbonSmyth pigment-dyed sweatshirt, fold the neckband in half to the front of the shirt and pin in place. You are now ready to whip stitch the neckband.

4. After trimming the knitted edges off the waistband, turn the raw fleece edge over 3/4” to the front of the shirt. Turn the raw edge under ¼” and press.  This provides a ½” fleece trim.

5. Knitted Cuffs Trim cuffs off of shirt or if you desire a three-quarter-length sleeve, mark the sleeve 2” below the elbow with the elbow bent; pin in place and cut your sleeve off at the pin placement. This will insure a sleeve length that will cover your elbow. Use the cut sleeve as a pattern for the other sleeve.  Pin the cut sleeve onto the uncut sleeve.  Place a pin above the raw edge of the cut sleeve. Cut the sleeve off at the pin mark.   Pin in place or hold in place with one hand as you whip stitch the ribbon, turning the raw edge under ¼” as you stitch.   Skip ½” to 1” between each whip stitch. 

6. Iron the RibbonRuffles skeins so the ribbon will be flat. 

7. When beginning to stitch, leave a 1” ribbon tail on the back of the sweatshirt and end with a 1” tail.  Turn the raw tail edges under and tack the tails down with thread or tie a knot in the end of the ribbon, turn under the raw tails and tack.  This prevents the ribbon edges from fraying.

8.  Use 16” lengths of RibbonRuffles and a #13 chenille needle to whip stitch over the ½” finished fleece edges.  Slant your stitches to the left or right, leaving a ½ to 1” space between each stitch.  Use a #16 chenille needle if adding embroidery to the shirt.

To Create a Sweatshirt Cardigan add an extra skein of RibbonRuffles.

1. Cut the shirt down the center; turn over the neck edge and whip stitch with RibbonRuffles following Step 2 on Page 1.  Whip stitch the two raw edges of the cardigan with RibbonRuffles over a ½” finished fleece edge.

2. Roll the bottom hem of the fleece shirt and whip stitch with RibbonRuffles.

3. You will need to tack the jacket edges at the neck and at the bottom with champagne Nymo thread or any invisible thread, taking tiny tack stitches to secure the corners.

4. To add stability to the jacket opening, once the shirt has been whipped-stitched, (not necessary if you are using a RibbonRuffles Sweatshirt) you will need two strips of ½” wide Double-Stick Steam-A-Seam fusible tape. Remove one side of the release paper and place tape at the top of the neck running the full length of the jacket edge.   Finger press in place.  Now remove the other piece of release paper on the fusible strip and lay a 1” wide piece of grosgrain ribbon (color should coordinate with the color of the fleece shirt) over the fusible tape.  Be sure to turn the raw grosgrain ribbon edges under ¼” before fusing. You may need to tack the grosgrain ends to the jacket at the top and bottom.  Now fuse the grosgrain ribbon into place. This step allows the jacket edges to lay flat and adds a decorative touch.  To add extra visual interest, fuse grosgrain ribbon around the inside edges of the neck, cuff and bottom of the jacket.  

5. Add a toggle by stitching a 3” loop of ribbon at the neck on one side of the cardigan opening. Add the loop before fusing the grosgrain ribbon in place.  Add a button on the other side of the cardigan at the neck opening and place loop over the button for closure.

Sweatshirt Size Amount of RibbonRuffles Required
Medium  3 skeins
Large 4 skeins
X Large 4 skeins
2 X 4 skeins



Due to different types of sweatshirts, sufficient ribbon yardage has been included in the chart.

Turn sweatshirt inside out to wash. Wash in a lingerie bag or pillowcase on the lingerie cycle using cold water.  Hang to dry.